Chair keeps sinking reddit

Chair keeps sinking reddit

We spend a lot of money on our office chairs, making sure they are comfortable and ergonomic for our long work days. And after only a few years or less of using the chair, it just seems to stop working.

Even though it still looks almost brand new and in good shape, it sinks and the office chair won't stay up. Jack just got out of a meeting where he found out the deadline on his big project was moved up. He grabbed some coffee and walked in his office ready to get some work done. As soon as he sat down in his office chair, he sank to the bottom. With the chair at the lowest height, it felt like he was in a kid-sized chair and could barely reach his keyboard.

So he stood up, pulled on the chair lift lever, and nothing happened. The chair was stuck at the lowest setting. Jack was annoyed and frustrated, and wondered if there was anything he could do about this? Or did he have to buy a brand new chair? Like you, and Jack we have been there before. So, is it time to throw out the chair and buy a brand new one? Not so fast.

Annoyed That Your Office Chair Keeps Sinking?

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new chair, consider fixing it instead. You can save a ton of money by repairing your sinking office chair. A sinking office chair doesn't mean the entire chair is bad. There is actually a very simple reason for why this happens. The office chair cylinder has lost its lift. An office chair cylinder is the part of the chair that connects the base to the seat. And it is what allows us to adjust the chair up and down. Inside the chair cylinder is Nitrogen gas.

So when you pull the chair lever, the nitrogen gas is switching chambers inside the cylinder, allowing it to move up and down. More technical specifics about gas springs can be found here. Over time and after excessive use of your chair, the seal in the cylinder starts to wear out and leak. So, it is the cylinder causing the chair to sink. So now what? What if my swivel chair keeps sinking?If it is fake leather,use one of the other reuse posts on here.

Seen on with old jeans. I have the real leather one but the base is toast. Needs new or used base assembly! Maybe you could just spray arms with clear spray paint. Have you done an internet search? Here's one option I saw.

chair keeps sinking reddit

No idea if it'll work. Try a vinyl and leather repair kit. Available at WalMart, Amazon, automotive stores. Thank you for your response, I will get the kit.

Why Does My Office Chair Keep Sinking and How Can I Fix It?

Didn't know there was one for vinyl. Thanks for the great participation, but I would not put duct tape. Its on the left arm, and don't think would look nice, but would use as last resource. Also think it might continue peeling if I put tape. Sign Up Sign In with Facebook. Asked on Jul 14, How do I fix my computer chair that is fake leather and is peeling off Answer. Is there some thing I could use to stop my computer chair that has fake leather cushioning from peeling off? Marlene Haigh on Jul 15, The only hope I know is to recover the chair.

Sara yaker on Jul 15, Bit By Bit Shop on Jul 15, Eloise on Jul 15, Kathy on Jul 15, What about all the great duct tape colors out there? Jemma Dee on Jul 15, Linda Johnson on Jul 15, I've used it on vinyl furniture.

It works great! Laura on Jul 15, High-end and well-designed office chairs are known for their durability. However, as long-lasting as they may be, it can become faulty after a few years of frequent use. There are several reasons why your office chair keeps sinking. Two common causes are either the gas strut may be defective, or the adjustment lever is not operating as it should.

But regardless of the reason, sitting in an office chair that keeps sinking is one of the most terrible things that can happen. It can be uncomfortable and annoying, especially if you are in the middle of an important job. The first step in the hose clamp method is to slide the plastic skirt off the cylinder.

The cylinder is the metal pipe that connects the wheels to the seat. Most office chairs have a plastic tube over the cylinder for protection from damage or dirt. Slide the plastic tube until you can see the metal cylinder underneath. Adjust the chair to the height that you desire. This method gives fixed and permanent results.

chair keeps sinking reddit

It is recommended that the seat of the chair should be level with your knees when you are standing. This is to ensure that you will be comfortable enough even after sitting for long periods. Only then, you can push the chair to your desired height. Second, if the plastic skirt covers the cylinder, then you will need to remove the skirt first by turning the chair upside down.

Then, you can now push the retaining clip at the base with a screwdriver and pull off the wheels, then the skirt. Once done, slide the wheels back on. Get a hose clamp or a jubilee clip to wrap around the cylinder. The usual size of a hose clamp to repair an office chair is around two centimeters.Many people think that it is because of the seat being loose or the cushion itself being compressed from use, but that is rarely the case.

The difference is the use of the mediums used to make the core function work. Pneumatic and hydraulics both are basically applications of fluid power. They are not only used in your office chairs, but also in many heavy pieces of machinery. The pneumatic system uses compressible gases in the application—air or a suitable pure gas. The hydraulic system uses incompressible liquid in its application—oil. While hydraulics is capable of moving heavier loads and also provides a greater force, pneumatic is a much cleaner technology.

This makes the pneumatic systems easy and safe to store, which is a must in daily use. The working is basically the same as discussed above. A hydraulic drive and fluid control system is used for the mechanism to work. The mechanism has at least two fluid actuated cylinders, and this includes a bi-directional motor pump.

The construction of office chairs or desk chairs is mechanically more complex compared to other chairs. The basic deduction of the construction of an office chair can be made as two parts. The two main portions are what complete the chair: the seat and the base.

Read: How to Choose an Office Chair. Pay attention to functioning. Does the mechanism function smoothly when you manipulate the lever, or does it have issues?

If so, oiling the joints will help it function smoother. You may need to clean the chair cylinder first. Your sinking office chair will now stop sinking. You may need to add or remove the length of the pipe to adjust the height. The other thing is that you might have to replace the pneumatic spring or the cylinder itself because it does wear out over the years. Purchasing is the easy part.Now that you are full of puns, here is a quick and cheap way to get use back out of your office chair, with parts that you may even have at home!

After several years of use, your chair will no longer hold the position it is set at. The lever that normally lets you adjust the height activates a valve in the pneumatic piston on the stem of the chair which lets air move in and out. Eventually this valve will leak and your chair will just sink to the lowest position as soon as there is any weight on it.

Changing pistons can be difficult and sometimes not possible if they are welded or riveted to your chair. Also, they are hard to find and expensive. They are also not serviceable because of the dangerous spring inside, and not easy to open. So instead of trying to fix the piston, you can simply create your own adjustable "height stop" which will keep the chair at a certain height.

Adjustable pipe clamp 99 cents Straight pipe fitting 99 cents Pipe insulation 79 cents Screwdriver. Measure the size of your chair piston so you can get the right sized pipe clamp, pipe fitting and pipe insulation.

I am using the pipe insulation under the clamp and fitting to stabilize them and also make them harder to slip up and down. The reason for the pipe fitting is so that you have another piece of plastic rubbing against the part where the piston meets the legs of the chair. I didn't want the metal clamp rubbing directly on the plastic when you turn the chair.

Depending on the type of chair, you will have to remove the legs. This will expose the piston.

chair keeps sinking reddit

Slide on the pipe clamp first, then the pipe fitting. You can cut two short pieces of pipe insulation foam and slide one under the clamp and one under the fitting. This will keep them from slipping so easily on the piston. Pick the height you want for the chair and tighten the pipe clamp until it is firmly secured on the piston. Now when you sit down it won't be able to go any lower!

This easy and cheap fix should have taken only a few minutes. Congratulate yourself, give yourself a pat on the back! You've saved the environment by continuing to make use of your fabulous office chair. When you need to adjust the height in the future, simply loosen the pipe clamp, slide it to the desired position and tighten it again. You will notice that this is rarely needed, because usually people use their chairs at the same desk and the same way most of the time.

Fix Sinking Herman Miller Aeron Chair

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Another quick and easy fix for a sinking office chair instead of replacing the cylinder is using the chair saver kit. It has spacers that snap on over the cylinder and won't slide down the shaft like a straight clamp. No tools or chair disassembly required to install in less than a minute. And it can be used again if something else breaks where you can't fix on the chair. Good fix, plenty of life left in many chairs, for a single user an optimum height is usually found and never varied, so this is practical.I used small kids croc style shoes on each chair leg when on sand.

Any kind of shoes would do but these were super light to carry, did the job and my chair looked really cute! Sign Up Sign In with Facebook.

Asked on Apr 25, What can you put on legs of outdoor chairs? Our chairs sink in dirt! Mindy on Apr 25, Cut a slit in tennis balls and slip over chair legs. Fred Mertes on Apr 25, Slice an "X" in a tennis ball and it can be easily pushed onto the chair legs. This will stop the chair sinking in soft ground. Laureta Blondin on Apr 26, Attach two lengths of wood 2x4 from the bottom of the front legs to to bottom of the the back legs. This will spread the weight load when sitting on the chairs.

Barbara Lynn Vaughan on Apr 26, Lay down a piece of black vinyl underneath, the stuff you would use to make A Decorative pond. Paulette on Apr 26, I think the tennis balls would work great. I was going to suggest bottle caps from plastic bottles of soda. We use them under camping poles. You can tape them on, renew when needed. Or try gluing, though I have never done that. Cmoonlitwolf on May 3, If the chairs are sinking into the dirt from weight when being sat on I would try pavers under each leg.

Lesley Knight on Jan 9, Rachel Douglas on May 22, We used empty cans one under each leg. Pat on May 22, Patrick Helton 17 minutes ago. Your comment Suggested Project Book. Turn a bed pillow to make tow throw pillows? Hvac issue and need assistance JadeS. Clean a cast iron tub? Carol Jo Crutcher Raines. Queen size headboard? Gerry Moran. How do i make disinfectant wipes using bleach? How do I remove a hair dye stain from fiberglass tub?

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We will get through this together. Updated: October 2, References. Have you ever been annoyed by the squeak of a chair? Squeaky chairs can be a nuisance to both the person sitting and others in the room.


Fortunately, those annoying noises do not mean it is time for a new chair. When a squeaky chair is properly diagnosed, it can be quite simple to fix the problem. To fix a squeaky desk chair, turn the chair upside down and use a screwdriver or a wrench tighten any loose nuts, bolts, or screws. You can also apply oil to the wheels, as well as to the seat tension spring located inside the turn-knob housing.

If the chair still squeaks, take out all of the bolts and screws and lubricate them before putting them back in. To learn how to fix a squeaky wooden chair, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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